Wedding Cinematography Melbourne

Make your wedding video a cinematography piece

There are different kinds of wedding videos you might have come across. The shaky and grainy ones shot by some amateur professing to be a videographer, the standard play by the book type of wedding videos and more. However, there is a scope to take the quality a notch higher by treating it as cinematography rather than videography. This would be more than just capturing video footage and piecing it together. A holistic approach to the whole event is observed ranging from pre wedding arrangements to the post production work in creating the video. Explore this wedding cinematography in Melbourne for your big day.

Here are a few aspects which are covered in your wedding cinematography video which makes its unique in comparison with most of other videos.

Pre wedding preparations:

This stage of the wedding is ignored by most of the videographers. However an expert cinematographer understands that these preparations not only set the tone for the rest of the video but also presents with opportunity to capture some candid moments. These moments are something which you would cherish many years down the line. An interview with the bride and groom, kin etc can be captured to be added into the video.

Capturing the first look:

Nearly every videographer understands the importance of capturing the first look of bride and the groom when the bride walks down the aisle. A twist to this would be to also capture the look on the face of the dear ones like parents, close friends etc. The feelings that they experience are worth a re-look.


Capturing the venue is becoming the fad among most of the videographers. Using equipment like drones would help to add on cinematic effects to the video. It gives a movie like feel and a wonderful addition to your whole wedding video.

Unique moments:

Wedding event provides ample opportunities to capture some candid moments. An expert wedding cinematographer knows the precise moments to anticipate and capture.

Many expert videographers are providing Wedding cinematography in Melbourne, explore and book them for this important day in your life.