Wedding Video Melbourne

Unique wedding video ideas for your wedding

A wedding video creates memories to be cherished for life. This can be made more memorable by a unique idea for your wedding video which would set it apart from most of the wedding videos that are made. Here few unique ideas for wedding videos in Melbourne that you can ask your videographer to try.

A same day video: You can ask your wedding videographer to shoot the wedding and come up with a short video of the event on the same day. Videographers would be able to edit and make a short video with prior notice. Display this video to your guests at the reception. That would be a surprise for them and an appreciation on your way.

Cinematic touch: Add on a tinge of cinematic experience with a combination of B&W and color footage in the videos. The videographer can capture various moments at various angles and integrate them into the wedding video.
Mixed up: This would require some work from the videographer to edit and shoot, but the end product is worth the effort. Different modes of shooting – documentary, cinematic, hand held amateur type etc can be used for shooting different footage. These can be combined into a single video which helps to go beyond the monotonous tone of the wedding videos.

Movie themed: Recreate your favorite movie scenes about love and relationships which might have swept you off your feet. Integrate them into the wedding videos for you to live in that experience every time you watch it. There are ample locations to recreate such scenes for wedding videos in Melbourne.

Stop Motion: You can get your wedding photographer or a videographer to help you with this. Arrange the photographs in the order of the events which would give the feeling of a video. These frozen moments add their own life to the narration as the events unfold. This would be a unique experience of video watching.
Find and discuss with the videographer who would share your passion to create a unique wedding video and you are on the way for creating a unique and lasting memory.