Wedding Videos Melbourne

What all should be included in your wedding video

Still pondering on whether you should hire a videographer for your wedding or not? You must not think much and just go for it as this choice will be the one you will surely not regret. Without your wedding video in Melbourne or whatever place you are having your wedding in, you will not get a chance to see your family tear up while you are waving off or hear your vows. And this is going to be something that you can show to your children some day. Here are some of the dos and don’ts for getting the best out of your D-day video.

What to include?

Most of the videographers offer high definition digital files and even thumb drives, which you should definitely use in your video package. It allows not only to stream the video to your television with the help of Apple TV or any other device, but can also share the files easily and digitally with family and friends. Also include the reception part as you cannot be physically a part of some great memories which your loved ones are making. Say for instance, you cannot catch your friends imitating you while you are dancing with your partner. A good videographer will record moments that you cannot see in person. There is no doubt that two cameras are much better than the solo, so try to include a second shooter to make your wedding video in Melbourne or any other place where the ceremony is happening more interesting.

What not to include?

You must ask your videographer to not include guest interviews in your wedding video as they tend to say same things in their video messages. How far they can go beyond – “Heartiest congratulations! You both are looking amazing. All the best for your new phase of life”? Also try not to include raw footage of your wedding until and unless it is inclusive in your package. There is no use of paying extra charges for this.

Choose your video inclusions wisely so that you don’t end up feeling disappointed while watching when the big day is over.