Wedding Videography – Cinestyle has created an exiting package for discerning couples who want more than just a sequential recording of their wedding day.

Videography for Weddings & Corporate Events

Cinestyle Studio boasts one of Melbourne’s leading video production teams. We specialise in weddings and corporate events, using a cinematographic style to capture particular emotions or impressions that epitomize the essence of that occasion.

A Cinamatic Sensation

The CINEMA Package offers the latest CANON DSLR camera in full HD progressive to achieve the amazing colour contrast, depth of field and sharp images we expect to see in high quality film and television productions. Moving away from the traditional sequence of bride’s house, groom’s house, ceremony, photo locations, reception, etc. the CINEMA package uses carefully scripted audio to narrate the events of the day in a series of beautiful crafted flashbacks. It’s a bold and innovative style that takes the basic wedding video to a new level of reality film making and cinematic experience.